My Favorite Songs about Mental Illness

Music is the universal language, right? Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said so, and he was a pretty smart guy. I don’t have a lot to say in this post, because the title is self-explanatory. The following songs may not actually be inspired by the artists’ journeys with mental illness, but they resonated with me.

Do you have any songs that you feel represent difficult journeys you have traveled/are traveling?

Doubleplus points for being an awesome dance jam.
If you don’t know Ruelle, you need to.
Haunting and beautiful.
First song I heard that I felt illustrated the bipolar disorder life. (I have no idea if he has it–I’ve googled and haven’t been able to find anything.)
The original is lovely, but this live version is my favorite.
The song is powerful, and the video is a visual feast.
The song is simple, yet delivers a punch.
SVRCINA’s voice is eerie and captures the battle with suicidal ideation perfectly.
Always a classic.

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