WUW: Just snow … in May

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I’m 130ish pages into Dreams of Gods and Monsters and it is divine. I know a lot of people have commented on the slow pace of this book, but so far it doesn’t bother me. That’s actually pretty common–others feel like a book is sluggish, when it doesn’t bother me much. The reason is this: PLOT is the not very high on my list of WHY I READ. CHARACTER, WRITING, and EMOTIONS/INTROSPECTION (which, I know, are totally a part of character) are, though. So when one or both of those are on point, I forgive a lot. And not even consciously, like I’m making excuses for them. I just get so wrapped up in those that I don’t notice pacing issues until I finished the book (and even then I’m like, meh whatever). I think it’s also due to my mom only allowing me to read the classics for much of my childhood, and then my MFA/literary training. So I’m pretty biased. But this is why I enjoyed Mockingjay and Ignite Me much more than others. (Although the Adam thing still irks me to no end.)


I read through the latest draft of FR and yep, my beta readers were right. Definitely pacing issues. So, my next step is to write a one-line summary of each scene onto one notecard each, then start moving things around to see what will work. I have a basic idea of what things should go where, but I need to know where each scene will go. I considered doing this on Scrivener, but I think handling the cards will aid in the process. Plus, it’ll be easier to move them. Sometimes the electronic version doesn’t beat the physical one, you know?

Also, pleasant surprise: I still love this book. I was worried I’d be somewhat resentful towards it, since I’m putting the book of my heart on hold to do this draft, but I quickly fell back in love as I read it. So yay!


Bought some flowers today for my front stoop and they are so beautiful and vibrant I couldn’t help but smile and feel inspired. Also, my book. Reading it made me excited to make it better. Aaaand I’ve been doing research on literary agents, which is exciting and inspiring. One step closer!


2014-05-12 07.58.18

So, it snowed on Sunday and Monday. SNOWED. IN MAY. And not just a skiff–serious accumulation. Mother’s Day was actually lovely because after church we had absolutely nowhere to be so we donned our jammies, napped, ate on the couch, watched TV, and generally vegged. It was wonderful. And I don’t mind snow in May that much, because it’s better that unseasonably hot weather. (I’d rather have just perfect weather, but given the choice … ) And, as I knew would be the case, it was all gone by yesterday afternoon. That’s Denver for you.

I’ve got something up my sleeve that I hope to show y’all next week. I’m very excited and very nervous about it. Eeeep!

How’s your week, lovelies?

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I write speculative fiction inspired by mythos from around the world, complex family dynamics, and my own experiences living with mental illness. After earning my BA in Linguistics from Brigham Young University in 2008, I received my MFA in Creative Writing from Converse College in 2012. I live in Denver, where my husband and I spend countless hours chasing our three young sons (and sometimes catching them!). I collect tarot decks, dye my hair mermaid colors, and procrastinate by decorating my home. My debut novel, Feathers Sharp as Knives, releases on May 2, 2023.

10 thoughts on “WUW: Just snow … in May

  1. “Although the Adam thing still irks me to no end.” Lol – I totally agree! So happy to hear you are still in love with FR. You should be! It’s a great story – great characters. Your totally relaxed Mother’s Day sounds amazing. That’s how every Mother’s Day (or maybe every Sunday!) should be. :) Have a great week!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of snow O_O Go home, weather, you’re drunk.

    Enjoy your book no matter what anyone else says! You’re the one that matters. DO WHAT YOU WAAAAANT!

    Have fun with the revisions. Go, go, goooooo!!!!

  3. OMG, snow! I wish. In VA, it’s been in the 90s and our AC broke so we had a crappy free-standing unit and were basically boiled vegetables by the time they finally fixed it… ugh.

    And ITA, “Sometimes the electronic version doesn’t beat the physical one, you know?” I love doing the notecard thing on the floor. To me, it needs to be that tactile experience or it doesn’t really help in the same way. I need to be able to move things around physically, so I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way!

  4. Pacing is my weakest area, for sure. The rejections I’ve gotten so far that gave me any feedback have mentioned pacing, so that’s something I’m really going to focus on in my revisions for my current WIP. Researching agents, though…that’s exciting!

    I took the longest nap yesterday, and it was glorious.

    1. Pacing is so hard! And unexpectedly so. Definitely give K. M. Weiland’s STRUCTURING YOUR NOVEL a look-see*. It’s amazing.

      *Looksy? Looksie? Hmm..

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