Holy Thursday Night, Batman!

Something I dislike about writing posts ahead of time and scheduling their publication is I forget that I posted that week, and then I forget about posting, and then suddenly it’s Thursday night the next week and I haven’t thought at all about posting.

Whoopsie! So, I don’t have anything profound for y’all. I had a post idea a couple of days ago, but it disappeared. Don’t worry; it’ll come back. They always do.

I ended up cancelling my trip to Utah. On Monday night, I felt myself coming down with something. So I cancelled my flight and good thing! Because when I would’ve been flying to Utah on Tuesday, I felt the worst. And then Turbo got sick this weekend, and it was bad news bears. We’re all good now, but it’s the weekend again and I’m all like, “Whaaa?” With applesauce on my face and my mouth open like, “Dur.” Because I eat a lot of applesauce.

Anyhow, I know this video made the rounds a while ago, but I was thinking about it today and looked it up. This quote was perfect for me today and what I’ve been thinking about (re: writing and re: other things), so I thought I’d share in case you need the reminder, too. :)

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I write speculative fiction inspired by mythos from around the world, complex family dynamics, and my own experiences living with mental illness. After earning my BA in Linguistics from Brigham Young University in 2008, I received my MFA in Creative Writing from Converse College in 2012. I live in Denver, where my husband and I spend countless hours chasing our three young sons (and sometimes catching them!). I collect tarot decks, dye my hair mermaid colors, and procrastinate by decorating my home. My debut novel, Feathers Sharp as Knives, releases on May 2, 2023.

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