So, This Happened

In October I’m going to help increase the world population.

We’re really excited, but goodness me, being pregnant has thrown me for a loop.

(Sadly, not a real one like on a rollercoaster. Those are off-limits for several more months.)

But life is great and now that I’m in the second trimester, I’m feeling pretty great myself.

I’ve still been writing though, and have actually broken some personal records for words-in-a-whatever-time-amount.

(Yes, I have and do experience pregnancy brain, but mostly in my reasoning and detail-oriented skills. So far, writing has been unaffected. Huzzah!)

So yay!

(Back to more interesting, writing-related posts tomorrow. Also, back to commenting tomorrow.)

8 thoughts on “So, This Happened

  1. Congratulations!

    I have not heard of this ‘pregnancy brain’ phenomenon beyond the itch to organize, but it’s good you’re writing isn’t affected. :)

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