Throwing Myself Out There

YAtopia, along with a few other fabulous bloggers, are hosting the After the Madness Workshop. The announcement went up last week and the 60 spots filled up quick! Luckily, I got slot #45. The gist of the workshop is this: The blogger gets to critique the first 250 words of your manuscript. On their blog. For all the world to see. Yikes!

And today, they did me! So, if you like, hop over to Shelley Watters’s blog to see what she thought of my submission. If you’re feeling up for it, leave a comment here or there with your thoughts. (gulp!)

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I write speculative fiction inspired by mythos from around the world, complex family dynamics, and my own experiences living with mental illness. After earning my BA in Linguistics from Brigham Young University in 2008, I received my MFA in Creative Writing from Converse College in 2012. I live in Denver, where my husband and I spend countless hours chasing our three young sons (and sometimes catching them!). I collect tarot decks, dye my hair mermaid colors, and procrastinate by decorating my home. My debut novel, Feathers Sharp as Knives, releases on May 2, 2023.

8 thoughts on “Throwing Myself Out There

  1. I made it in too (with my WIP), but I’m not sure when they’ll put mine up. I also made it into Cupid’s Literary Connection’s Surprise Agent Invasion, but haven’t shown up there yet. Good luck with yours; going to comment over there now!

    1. I saw that you got in and I’ve been keeping an eye out for yours (although some of the bloggers don’t include the submitter’s name, so that makes it hard). I didn’t think I’d go this early, being #45 and all, but they must have divided the submissions up in a different way.

      1. Thanks! A few entries are already being mentioned by name (or rather, number) and I’m curious if that will sway any agents to take a look, or if they’ll assume it’s just friends supporting each other

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