Ode to the Frozen Burrito

Ode to the Frozen Burrito

(and other microwaveable meals)

Oh, yon frozen burrito-

So full of beans

And … meat?

Purchasable in bulk or a la carte,

Your mass will sear my mouth,

Fill my stomach,

And keep my GI tract busy for days to come.

And yet, I shall never regret your consumption;

‘Twas in the middle of a scene of the highest excitement-

Sparks sparking, dialogue dialoguing, bad guys bad-guying …

My stomach rumbling.

I needed to eat-

‘Twas pretty sure I ate sometime the day before-

But did not want to spare the time.

Hark! Off to the freezer!

Grab well-wrapped package of questionable meat-products,

Plunk into fair microwave for obligatory two minute cooking time.

Hark! Ideas are raining!

Mind is churning!

Back to the computer,

Fingers fly.

I pause for a moment,

To partake of your offerings.


But at least it was fast.

(YA Highway’s hosting a Valentine’s Day Blog Lovefest. Hop on over to see other Highwayers’ declarations of love.)

5 thoughts on “Ode to the Frozen Burrito

  1. One of our coworkers lived on those things–when he wasn’t eating those nuclear-orange tamales out of a can. I’ve been known to scarf a few Amy’s gluten free burritos, but those are healthy enough to not even qualify as junk food.

    I will insist on putting both chili sauce and salsa on burritos though, even though I’ve been burned.

  2. Haha, I love this! And I love frozen burritos. I get the bean and cheese variety, so I can avoid the “meat?” in the other ones. And this–always this: “DAMNTHINGBURNEDMYMOUTH!!”

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