In Which Kris is Sick

Not that being sick automatically excuses me from blogging, but when my head hurts and I have enough energy to either write or blog? Yup, writing wins. Every. Single. Time.

But never fear! I totally have something in the queue for tomorrow, and will do my Friday fun post. And I really wanted to do RTW today because I was going to have a conversation between spurned lovers–Jacob from Twilight and Gale from Hunger Games. But I am not feeling clever enough to do it justice. So … just pretend I did an awesome job, mmkay?

It’s absolutely beautiful outside–sunny and warm (for January)–so I’m going to throw a blanket around my shoulders like an old lady, and read outside. I’m currently re-reading The Giver by Lois Lowry and just loving it all over again.

How’s your week going so far?

4 thoughts on “In Which Kris is Sick

  1. Aww! Feel better soon. And then write that Jacob/Gale thing cuz that sounds awesome. I was going to do RTW this week for the first time! But instead, I’m frantically trying to finish Game of Thrones because it’s an e-loan and tomorrow it will magically disappear from my Kindle. Whether I’m done or not.

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