Thinking of Going Back to School?

Though, if you’re thinking about getting your MFA, then I highly recommend the low-residency program at Converse College. Application deadline is February 15th.

Click here for more info on the program.

Click here for my post about why I chose a low-residency MFA and why I’m so happy I did.

2 thoughts on “Thinking of Going Back to School?

  1. I’m sort of stuck in the crossroads of wanting and not wanting an MFA. I took a semester at Hamline University’s Writing for Children and Young Adults–which was low residency–and I learned so much, but it was so expensive that I ended up leaving the program. Why do MFAs have to cost so much???? I’m actually considering a regular MFA program, but really only because I would be able to apply for more aid and possibly win a TA-ship.

    Hope this doesn’t sound too nosy, but were you able to get any aid apart from loans?

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